YetiWare's mission is to solve the big hairy parallel programming problem, and to bring back software scaling with minimal programmer effort. Raw processing power in everything from mobile phones, to PCs, to supercomputers, continuously grows every year with increasingly more cores, wider SIMD lanes, and additional software accelerators such as GPUs and FPGAs. Today it is extremely complicated to write applications that scale so that consumers directly benefit by upgrading to the latest computer processors. YetiWare's mission is to provide that revolutionary solution to performance programming so that application developers can build faster and more scalable software.

YetiWare's initial product offerings target the data center to provide an efficient heterogeneous platform for cloud computing that will significantly reduce processor energy consumption, and thereby reduce operational costs. High-level libraries in specific application areas such as machine learning, scientific computing (HPC), business analytics, and big data will seamlessly integrate existing software with the YetiWare compute platform. YetiWare is a mixed product and service company that also provides solutions to businesses through consulting in its unique areas of expertise.

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